Bantu MY

Sviluppatore: Chong Kei Low
Categoria: Cibi e bevande
Prezzo: Gratis

Bantu is an application founded during this devastating pandemic. Bantu is a mobile application that consists of state of the art features that brings help to people in need during this times of need.

Bantu aims unanimously bring donation directly to people in need in this vast world of philanthropy. At the same time, our platform aims to bring to to local affected industry or companies into the world of electronic commerce. Besides we firmly support wastage, hence we support efficient distribution of near best before items that could be promoted within our ecosystem hence boost the global fundamental of needs and supply along with reduction of global wastage.

Our main aim is reduce wastage, increase efficiency, promote philanthropy and become the leading leader worldwide in elevation and extermination of global poverty. Bantu also aim to increase awareness of Corporate Social Responsibility whereby we want organizations efficiently and hastily participate in our programs that could do favor to the much needed general public.

We urge everyone through this state of the art application to do your part

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