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Discover a quicker method to purchase a variety of Tea & Coffee Premixes on the internet.

Enjoy a swifter and smoother user journey with a personalized touch.

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Choose from a variety of payment options hassle-free.

Explore Our Product Categories:
Vending Machines, Premium Range - Tea & Coffee Premixes, Red Range Economy Blend – Tea & Coffee Premixes, Latte Range - Low Sugar Blends of Tea & Coffee Premixes, Kadak Blend - Strong Export Range of Tea, Lifestyle Drinks Range – Hot Chocolate, Tomato Soup

More about Cafe Desire's Product Range:

Vending Machines:
Coffee Machine 2 Lane & 4 Lane | Fully Automatic Tea & Coffee Vending Machine | For Offices, Shops and Smart Homes | Make 2 or 4 Varieties Of Coffee Tea With Premix | No Milk Required

Premixes – Premium Range & Red Range Economy Blend:
INSTANT COFFEE PREMIX | Milk not Required | Just add Hot Water | Taste as Home-Made | Manually and All Vending Machine Suitable | 3 in 1 Coffee | Makes 80-100 Cups
INSTANT CARDAMOM TEA PREMIX | 3 in 1 Tea | Milk not required | Rich taste as Home-made | Just add hot water | Use manually and also Suitable for all Vending Machines

Premixes - Latte Range Low Sugar Blends:
Our LATTE Range of products are for the people who do not want any added sugar in their Tea or Coffee. If you are calorie conscious and still want a super tasting Tea or Coffee, then you should choose our LATTE Range of beverages. Please note our LATTE Range products comes in 650 Grams packing, but the price is equal to 1 Kg of other range products, reason being LATTE Range is sugar free. But be rest assured, your price per cup will remain same as our LATTE Range products will yield more cups per pack. We can take a bet, you will not find this kind of product anywhere. Try it to believe it.

Premixes - Kadak Strong Export Blends:
The word "KARAK" is Arabic word, which means STRONG. Our Kadak blend is made for the people who like their Tea to be little stronger. You’ll be enjoy indulging your taste buds in enormous flavour profiles within minutes.

Lifestyle Drinks Range:
Green tea, Hot Chocolate, White Malt and Tomato Soup. Just add hot water and enjoy your drink.

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