My Coffee Counts

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My Coffee Counts
simple, smart, socially minded

A new way for coffee shops and their customers to connect with each other and with their community.

My Coffee Counts (MyCC) is quite unique in its offering, providing coffee shop owners and their customers with the ability to donate the value of their ‘Free One’ to charity.

A list of all participating outlets across Australia are shown within the App. The MyCC App records all rewards in a digital card format, replacing the need for anyone to carry loyalty cards. Open the MyCC App and present your unique QR code if you’re in store, or simply make an in-app purchase to record your order and obtain your reward.

Outlets can present all their menus in the App, it’s not just about coffee.

When it’s time to get a ‘free one’, you can elect the shop to donate the value of the ‘free one’ to charity with one touch.

• Streamlined - contactless - digital app-based loyalty system.
• Customers never need carry a loyalty card again.
• MyCC turns your loyalty ‘FREEBIE’ coffees into valuable donations.
• Eliminates queuing, saving time.
• A simple, smart, socially minded solution.
• MyCC helping and contributing to all communities
• MyCC building communities together.

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