Coin Identifier-CoinScan

App Name (Nome App): Coin Identifier-CoinScan
Operating System (Sistema Operativo): iOS
Developer (Sviluppatore): Dino Apps
App Category (Categoria): Consultazione
Price (Prezzo): Free - Gratis 0

CoinScan - your all-in-one coin identification and collection manager. Whether you're a numismatic expert or just embarking on your coin collecting journey, CoinScan is the perfect companion to enhance your experience.

CoinScan goes a step further with additional features to enhance your numismatic journey.


►Coin Identification
Snap a picture or upload an image from your gallery, and CoinScan will identify any coin, be it rare, foreign, or even error coins.

►Detailed Information
Each identification provides a thorough overview of the coin, including its name, country of origin, year of issue, value, metal composition, and more.

►Coin Pricing
You will understand the value of your coins and make informed decisions about purchases, sales, or trades.

►Personal Coin Collections
Record and store your collections within the CoinScan app. You'll never lose track of your collectibles and will always be aware of their value. Arrange your collections as you see fit.

►AI Assistant
Have any questions about a coin? Our AI assistant is here to guide you and answer all your queries, making your coin exploration seamless and enjoyable.

Document your findings, insights, or any crucial information about your coins with our easy-to-use note-taking feature.

►Explore Collections
Discover various coin collections from around the world, broadening your numismatic knowledge and providing inspiration for your own collection.

With CoinScan, every coin in your pocket becomes a fascinating story to tell. Embrace the exciting world of numismatics – download now and start your coin collecting adventure today!

Key Features Summary:

►Snaps and recognizes any coin fast with AI help
►Tells you all about your coin, even if it's rare or has errors
►Features an AI assistant ready to answer all your coin-related questions
►Grades your coin just from a photo
►Shows the current price of your coin
►Lets you record and organize your coin collection in the app
►Adds up the total value of your coins
►Makes learning fun with interesting coin facts
►Easy to use for everyone

CoinScan it's a complete solution for coin enthusiasts of all levels. Download now and unlock its powerful features!

With a Premium Subscription, you will have access to ALL premium features.

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