Frankenstein Collection

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Frankenstein Collection is a free app which enables you to enjoy probably everything related to Frankenstein within an app. Among other features available in Frankenstein are:

1) The novel by Mary Shelley

Read the novel anytime, anywhere!

2) Frankenstein Quiz

After reading the novel, you might want to test your understanding on the stories that you read. Test your knowledge with the Frankenstein quiz provided in this Frankenstein Collection. 

3) Frankenstein’s Theme Attractions

Frankenstein Collection also provides essential information about Frankenstein’s Theme Attractions and navigation maps on how to get there.

4) Flights bookings and hotels bookings

If you like the attractions why not visit them yourselves and discover what are treasured for you there. To ease your travel, this app provides you the flight and hotel bookings features.

Find choices of preferred resorts from the best hotels in the world. Surely you can find hotel rentals which suit you.

You can also find cheap flight ticket, either for domestic or international flight, as there are plenty of airlines to choose from.

5) Frankenstein Day Greeting card

August 30 is Frankenstein Day which is also Mary Shelley’s birthday. Why not get the nicely designed Frankenstein Day greeting cards from this Frankenstein Collection and sent them to Frankenstein fans that you know! 

6) Frankenstein Wallpaper

Show the world that you are a true fan of Frankenstein by having Frankenstein as your device wallpaper.

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