Sviluppatore: Inara Technologies
Categoria: Economia
Prezzo: Gratis

The AGM-PSD is an event management application for mobile platforms. It has the following functional features:
1. View available events
2. View details of the events
3. View the sessions of each event
4. View participants and their profiles
5. Subscribe to an event
6. Event Reminder (Optional)
7. Pre and Post Questionnaire related to the event
8. Gallery
7. Live Stream on Facebook and Youtube

AGM-PSD allows its user to view the details of Participants, Sponsors and Venues of any event. At the time of Subscription, the app will a few Pre Event Questions and ask the user if he wants to add the reminder for the event.
AGM-PSD has a feature that provides the Facebook and Youtube Live Stream of the event.
After the event, AGM-PSD takes the user's feedback in the form of a Post Event Questionnaire.
AGM-PSD provides the feature of Gallery where subscribers can view the images of the event.

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