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As a technology-focused company Anchor Ingredients is continuously evolving to serve the needs of the modern grower. To that end, Anchor Ingredients is proud to introduce the AnchorTRACE app, a mobile tool that conveniently connects you to your Anchor Ingredient’s contracts, proprietary bid sheets, sustainability and land use surveys and market news.

Centralize Your Contracts: Easily read and keep track of your contracts within the app, eliminating the need for paperwork clutter.

View Receipts: Quickly access historical receipts for product delivered to an Anchor Ingredients facility.

Access Bid Sheets: We want to help you save time and maximize profits. View Anchor Ingredients' proprietary Bid Sheets for each of its locations in real-time.

Complete Land Use and Sustainability Surveys: Instead of shuffling paper forms, identify and track fields tied to your Anchor contract using Anchor’s Land Use Survey. Answer a few quick questions about farming practices in the Sustainability Survey to meet customers’ growing demand for sustainability-focused data.

Fresh Market News from Anchor: We bring you specialty crop market updates delivered seamlessly within the app, so you can stay connected with Anchor’s news and announcements.

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