Arham Jewels

Sviluppatore: Tansh Jewels Pvt Ltd
Categoria: Economia
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Arham Jewels was established in Bangalore by Mr. Anil in 2011 as a jewellery manufacturer, wholesaler as well as retailer. For the past decade, we have been manufacturing silver and gold jewellery items in different and unique designs to serve our customers with different likes and choices.

Our craftsmen are highly skilled and trained in developing every jewellery product with utmost care and precision. Since we’re directly involved with our customers, it helps us to understand every person’s choice based on their fashion preferences as well as other requirements on a day to day basis. This enables us to create some exclusive and personalised jewellery items for our unique customers.

Whether you’re looking for a set of temple jewellery for your home or a special wedding set for your special day, you’ll be truly amazed with the selection that we have. We also specialise in antique jewellery designs designed by our well-equipped jewellery designers and then furnished and polished by our expert artisans.

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