Arty Network

Sviluppatore: Jessica Anne Rakotomalala
Categoria: Economia
Prezzo: Gratis

Everyone deserves the same chance to grow as an artist, a brand, a company or just as an individual - A human being. Arty Network promotes chance equalities
We promote digital, crafts and entertainment creatives all around the world.
We help them building their own team of professionals, keeping their friends/family aware of their projects evolution and give them the opportunity selling all their products and services online.

Arty Network is a marketplace where companies can find the perfect fit for their projects, where brands/artists can sell online or with delivery products/services and individuals can buy all artistic related things they need.

As a network, we help people connect and meet in real life using active radius geolocation search. Create and attend special events does not matter if you are an individual, a company, or a creative. You just have to check on the map what kind of users/events are around you.

We are the first platform to promote and connect creative people, allowing them to showcase their talent and their services with equal chances. We also help kids around the world to get an education and become talented, curious, and talented human-being by several actions; like paying their scholarship, giving them school supplies and dedicated 1/4 of our commission to help them in other ways.
Everyone who will sell or buy on our platform will automatically contribute to change other people's life in so many ways.
We see ourselves above all as a visual social network connecting each professional to other creatives with whom collaboration is necessary for the development of their activity but we are also building a community who feels concerned about great causes.
Arty Network is a community of passionate creatives and we believe that connecting with others is the best way to lift your business up.

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