Barn2Door Point of Sale (POS)

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Barn2Door POS powers Farmers, Fishers, Producers, and Ranchers to offer seamless online and in-person sales. Farmers can sell to all their customers (retail or wholesale) online or in-person, and offer various unit sizes, as well as set pricing, custom pricing and/or pricing by weight. Farmers running on Barn2Door benefit from a single inventory, order management, and merchant account across in-person (POS) and online sales.

Capture in-person Sales
- Sell your Products anywhere, anytime. Use Barn2Door POS to capture in-person sales at the farmer’s market, on the Farm, or while running deliveries.
- Accept Different Payment Options. Accept credit cards, debit cards, cash and check. Barn2Door POS supports contactless, chip, swipe, and mobile wallet.
- Accept Tips. Buyers love to show their support for local Farmers. Allow customers to tip to cover your processing fees or to show extra support.
- Apply Proper Tax Codes, Automatically. Based on your selected location, a tax tool can be configured to automatically calculate and collect taxes for each order and visibly display at checkout.

One Account to Manage both online and offline Sales
- Real-Time Inventory Sync. Always know what’s available and what’s low in stock, whether items are being purchased online or in person.
- Set Prices & Variable Weight Pricing. Choose whether you want to sell items by weight or set a fixed price for your products.
- Sell to All Buyers. Apply different pricing sheets (and units) for Retail, Wholesale, and Private Buyers, accessible through your POS.
- Make Informed Decisions. Review your top-sellers, and track items with low inventory numbers with a real-time dashboard.
- Access Order History. View and track previous orders and payments through your POS.

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