BFast: Venues

Sviluppatore: Bfast Inc.
Categoria: Economia
Prezzo: Gratis

Mobile orders and contactless payments, now uncomplicated. Say goodbye to dreaded transaction fees. Keep 100% of your hard-earned sales with BFast.

-Clean, straightforward interface for orders and payments
-Designed for order-ahead, walk-in, and dine-in tickets
-Integrated with inventory for real-time tracking and management
-Scalable for multi-site business growth
-Uncomplicated, with no clumsy POS scanners and extra gadgets
-Overcomes dreaded transaction fees

Ready to impress guests with an effortless experience, reduce wait times, turn tables faster, and free your business from processing fees? Let's go.

Download the BFast Venues app. Create your business profile, with product descriptions, photos, and more. Join for a modest monthly rate ($50). Instantly receive mobile orders, and take contactless payments remotely or with the ease of a phone-to-phone scan. Get free door stickers and other marketing materials that promote hands-clean orders and payments to your customers.

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