Box Jeannie Driver

Sviluppatore: Box Jeannie inc.
Categoria: Economia
Prezzo: Gratis

Box Jeannie is a technology-driven on demand premier concierge app that provides the service of online return processing, recycling, and personal delivery. As a driver, you will have a 4–6-hour window to fulfill people's wishes and organize your day.

- Know how much you will make up front including tip!
- Be able to transfer money into bank account as soon as you complete your task!
- Become a Gin Master and refer consumers and businesses to build out your own Box Jeannie Route!
- Have a right to first refusal on any order that is scheduled by a consumer you referred to our app!
- Find your pickup locations with the help of Google Mapping that’s done all in app!
- Sell your custom route license after becoming a “Gin Master” to the highest bidder and receive a percentage of all the hard work you accomplished!

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