Business Stack Starter

Sviluppatore: Meotolo Ltd
Categoria: Economia
Prezzo: Gratis

Business Stack Starter provides cloud-based, easy and secure access to the user’s own and their organisation's information, be you a single professional, a smaller organisation or a very large business.

It organises your affairs using todos, contacts, customers, timesheets (iPad), expenses, invoices, where documents can be attached to any of those; it allows use of multiple currencies and facilitates your key todos or tasks with the option to generate reminders.

It allows you to email your customers directly from inside the app, whether for marketing purposes or to send an invoice. You can share your data easily, with our other users, or with external contacts such as your accountant, or as an export emailed to you.

Product FAQ

1 Q. Who is the target audience?
A. A single individual, a small organisation or business, a social or sports club, a public, government or other not-for-profit organisation or a massive enterprise.

2 Q. Is this an existing service?
A. A web browser version of the app is also available at

3 Q. Is the app an indispensable part ?
A. As a mobile option yes, but not in terms of functionality; however many features are only currently available in the app.

4 Q. How does the user company pay?
A. They don't. The app is completely free.

5 Q. Does the user pay per device?
A. No.

6 Q. Is there additional charge for mobile access?
A. No there are no additional charges for mobile access.

7 Q. Is there a paid upgrade option outside of the app?
A. No.

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