Sviluppatore: ClickGUARD
Categoria: Economia
Prezzo: Gratis

ClickGUARD on the go 24/7/365! Full access to your ClickGUARD dashboard, click reports, rules and forensics.

**Real-time insight into Google Ads accounts added to ClickGUARD**

- Beautiful and informative dashboard with a timeline of your ad traffic
- Advanced stats on ad performance
- Visitor behavior stats at a glance
- Countries that engage with your ads

**Powerful reports with full forensic details on the go**

- Realtime reports about every single ad click with ad information, threat level, behavior and geolocation data
- Reports on click sources: IP addresses, devices and display placements
- Reports on your ad campaigns and keywords

**Managing your automated rules on the fly**

- Detailed reports about rules activity and results
- Ability to turn any rule on or off with a flip of a switch

And much more!

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