ControlUp DX

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With ControlUp, your IT admin can be alerted whenever an incident is triggered on the resources you monitor with ControlUp.

Even when you’re not accessing ControlUp or your email, you can get push notifications for any of these incidents configured in the ControlUp Real-Time Console:

• Stress Level: sent when a monitored resource (e.g. folder, virtualization host, machine, session, process, executable, or account) crosses a configured stress level threshold.

• Windows Event: sent when a Windows event (e.g. error or warning) is recorded on a monitored device.

• Machine Down: sent whenever a monitored device is unavailable.

• Process Started/Ended: sent when a process has started or ended on a monitored device.

• User Logs On/Off: sent when a user logs on or off a monitored device.

• Session State Changed: sent when a user session state changes on a monitored device.

When configuring these alerts in the ControlUp Real-Time Console, you can add advanced filters and set schedules for the different alert delivery methods, so you choose when you receive push notifications.

In the app, you can view alert details and history by trigger or resource/device name. You can also delete alerts and filter by ControlUp organization.

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