Dangerous Goods ADR 2021

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The most comprehensive and complete app with all the information from the UN ADR Dangerous Goods 2021 publication.

You can easily find the substance you are interested in and make sure the correct labelling and danger sheets are applied.
For each substance the complete UN ADR 2021 information is displayed and the codes are explained with text.

At your fingertips there is a points calculator to see if you are below the critical 1000 points limit

Very easy to use combined with powerful features.

• Search by UN Nnumber
• Search by Chemical name
• ERI-Cards ("Emergency Response Intervention Cards") provide guidance on initial actions for fire crews
• Search Hazard Identification Number (HIN)
• Classification and labeling summary (including GHS)
• Currently available in German, English and French
• NFPA Hazard Diamond
• GHS Pictograms (information & details)
• No internet connection needed

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