Deerha POS

Sviluppatore: Shahad Aloufi
Categoria: Economia
Prezzo: Gratis

Deerha is a system that elevate the performance of grocery’s cashier system with suitable solutions to the store owner.
The main core of DEERHA system is to enable groceries’ business owners and cashiers to easily manage their grocery.

What makes DEERHA different from other systems?
DEERHA put users first and understand what pains are they facing with other systems.
In DEERHA, we solved issues that Groceries’ owners were suffering from such as :
Batches : Allows you to add different expiration dates for the same product!
Visualisation & Notifications: to the Quantity and Expiration dates of the same products’
And Soon Grocery online app that is connected to DEERHA to increase your revenue.
We know our users that’s why DEERHA is supporting 3 languages:
Our features:
Providing Vat complaint invoice.
Simpler way to manage your stock.
Add & Restock the products easily using “ Batches”
This and more with DEERHA.

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