IndoSpace-eFACiLiTY® FM App

Sviluppatore: SIERRA ODC Private Limited
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IndoSpace-eFACiLiTY® FM App is the mobile app of the leading IWMS/CAFM/FMS software eFACiLiTY®, the most comprehensive web-based Enterprise Facility/Integrated Workplace Management Software. Visit to explore more!

Asset Management
• Asset lifecycle management
• Asset identification/tracking with Barcode/QR Code/NFC/RFID
• Integration with GPS, Maps for live tracking & resource scheduling
• Asset validation & movements
• Contracts management
• Dashboards & KPIs
• Configurable inspection & audits

Work Order Management
• Quick view on work order status
• Real-time & offline updates on work orders
• Estimated Vs Actuals analysis for resources & costs incurred
• GPS based work scheduling
• Work order wise knowledge source - before/after pictures, videos, attachments
• Configurable restrictions on work order updates through GPS location
• Fuel management
• Meter/equipment readings through barcode/QR Code/NFC/RFID
• Printing and stationery management
• Key management

• Aligns with ITIL requirements
• End-to-end service requests management
• Report & record requests
• Priority based SLA & penalty tracking
• Call wise feedbacks with signature
• Customizable services like concierge, resource relocations, etc.

Visitor Management
• Pre-register visitors
• Quick approvals
• Visitor entry/exit validation through barcode/QR Code/NFC/RFID
• Track items carried-in/out
• Emergency alerts for HSE Compliance
• Notifications on appointment schedules, extends, overstay, etc.

Health and Wellness:
• Health Kit API self-configuration in the App.
• Data retrieved from Health Kit API, and no sensor/hardware used from the device.
• Display your workouts from Health Kit
• Check in at any time, from anywhere
• With the data integration from Health Kit API, to provide step counts, and calories burnt

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