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According to the Chinese patent law, trademark law and some other related laws, foreign law firms, agencies and any foreign person shall appoint any of such organizations as designated by the State to act as its or his agent.

The common types of intellectual property rights in China mainly include trademarks, patents and copyrights, which play a very important role in the competition of Chinese market.


Chinese trademarks registration adopt the principle of registration priority, which is diffferent from the use priority adopted by foreign countries.If you are a start-up enterprise, you shall consider whether it has been successfully registered in China as the priority,which will reduce a lot of burden for your subsequent career development.

The patent protection mechanism in China is consistent with most countries in the world.An enterprise must pay attention to the payment status of anuual fee after filiing the application. The annual patent fee in China can be paid in a lump sum or at a fixed time every year.In addition,If you would like to get your patent protected in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, you need to file for protection separately.

3、Copy rights
The protection of copy rights in China follow the rules of Berne Convention. You can register your copy rights in China in advance to make sure their priority. Even though that your copy rights are not registred in China before, you can provide an earliest time proof of publication and use in China or earliest time proof of finishment when defend your rights.


- availability check for China trademarks、patents and copyrights
- uses various trademark databases in the background
- available for China trademark search
- concise listing of Nice classes (WIPO classification)
- personal collection for favourite brand and trademark names
- tailor the most suitable solutions for you
- Manage your trademarks、patents and copyrights
- Real-time notification of trademark, patent and copyright status


We are an Intellectual Property Law Firm with over 12 years of experience in case dealing and has formed a complete process team.

We devote ourselves to breaking the shortcomings of unclear procedures in cross-border intellectual property protection using the most cost-effective and easiest ways.What we always focus on is to tailor the most suitable solutions for you.

intellectual property china is an APP which is independently developed by our own team.You can get to know Chinese Intellectual Property status and changes online through the APP at any time.

You can file your trademark application under the help of us, who can provide you with searching report and make a confirmation before final submission.And all the processes are defenitely open to you(pictures)in convenience of downloading and checking at any time.

If your trademark is expiring,a reminder of renewal will be sent by us to guarantee the validity of your trademark.


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