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LTS Digital brings innovative technology to the construction logistics industry. Never before have real time tracking and paperless processes been used in a way that increases efficiency to benefit both companies and their drivers.

With LTS Digital, you will always know the location of your materials. Companies will experience an unprecedented level of transparency and accountability with their drivers. Real time tracking of materials from one location to the next guarantees that waste streams and other imported and exported aggregate materials reach their designated endpoints. Moreover, this level of transparency leads to positive environmental impact by ensuring proper disposal of hazardous materials, while securing accountability. Our real time tracking dashboard shows where your materials are at any point in transit and allows you to visually monitor your fleet every step of the way until their final drop-off points are reached.

Our comprehensive software suite takes away the need for paper and gives you more time. Automated machine powered validation replaces paper forms, therefore bridging the gap between civil construction and logistics. Companies will see an increase in accuracy and efficiency when using these paperless processes. Everything can be tracked electronically through an easy-to-use and intuitive UI. This results in highly accurate reporting when removing human error of data input processes. Being completely paperless enables key stakeholders to completely eliminate the painstaking process of reconciling complicated forms. Using the automated reconciliation process increases efficiency, reducing hours of work to mere minutes!

Let us take some of the load off of your drivers. LTS Digital provides drivers with the speed and simplicity of automated logistics. Drivers benefit from having real time, turn by turn navigation from pickup to drop off points. When arriving at desired scale locations, a quick and easy automated electronic experience removes the need for communication between scale and driver. Changing verbally communicated details into electronic data points accelerates the process of getting trucks on and off scales so drivers can return to their routes and get their jobs done faster.

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