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Hold your governance meetings in a secure virtual Board Room.
This mobile application has been designed for Oodrive customers for secure file sharing, sync and collaboration solutions.

With oodrive_meeting, take your governance meetings digital, secure your critical data and make important decisions while keeping your ideas clear.

- Simplify your governance meetings
With oodrive_meeting, easily prepare for your governance meetings in a virtual Board Room: send invites to participants, manage your attendee list, share the agenda, link in documents for attendees to consult...all entirely online!

- Boost your efficiency
With optimised preparation, Oodrive_meeting makes you more efficient. All key meeting documents are brought together in a single interface. Participants have access to up-to-date versions, and every effort is made to ensure that they can get up to speed quickly. Say goodbye to wasted time!

- Secure your sensitive data
With oodrive_meeting, keep control of confidential documents used before, during and after governance meetings. Benefit from an ultra-secure interface that keeps the company's strategic data confidential and track actions carried out in documents.

Main features:

- Session management
Schedule appointments and invite participants to meetings.
- Create an agenda
Set out the agenda and link in documents for each item.
- Dashboard
Access meetings, manage invites and track updates to related documents. 
- Document annotation
View and annotate documents at any time, online or offline.
- Access security
Secure access through password encryption, SMS authentication and Touch ID.

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