Orlando Explorer Mobile

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Orlando Explorer Mobile is the mobile document viewer of the Orlando Suite for Tech Pubs Document Management System.
The app is designed for airlines, MROs and aircraft manufacturers.
It can be used on ground (e.g. Maintenance / Tech Ops manuals, training, briefing, …) and on board (EFB document library, Cabin Crew document viewer, …) either online or offline.
Orlando Explorer Mobile supports XML like:
- Airbus, ATR and Boeing Flight Ops manuals (FCOM, AFM, QRH, MEL/DDG, FCTM, CCOM, …)
- Airbus and Boeing Maintenance manuals (AMM, IPC, TSM, Wiring Manuals, …)
- Airline manuals (OM-A, OM-B, OM-C, GOM, IFM, …)
as well as any PDF document.
The mobile library content is managed from the Orlando Suite for Tech Pubs Mobile Content Management service.
Orlando Explorer Mobile main features:
- Enroll the app to the Orlando Suite for Tech Pubs,
- View the manuals made available by the administrator online or download them for offline access,
- Open manuals in multiple tabs,
- Filter the manuals per metadata tags and per applicability,
- View effective and scheduled publications side by side in a split view,
- Acknowledge the read of new publications
- …

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