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Your new comPANION for a greener planet is here. PANION will help you transition easily from your old combustion car to a sleek and clean electric vehicle.

Ever wondered if you could drive an electric vehicle? PANION records your daily trips and simulates an EV to help you make well-informed decisions. Find out how much battery life you use up for certain trips for example and how much CO2 you could save driving an EV.

The range of an electric vehicle is often cause for concern. PANION will help to beat that range anxiety. Your trip history shows exactly how far you drove and how safe that journey could have been with an EV.

You switch cars frequently, and your trips vary in length? You're probably driving a company car or are part of a fleet. That's great because more and more company vehicles are going electric! To support this movement, PANION stays by your side and gets to know your unique requirements. You'll find the perfect electric car for you without changing your carefully honed routine.

The PANION app offers:

- Safe, data-protected vehicle tracking
- The same precision as a telematics device, but without cost and without sharing your personal data
- Easy & intuitive interface: start and stop recording with 1 tap

PANION, who?
As a corporate start-up of ABB’s eMobility division, PANION is on a mission to become the global authority for transitioning to electric vehicles and charging infrastructure.

Our PANION app is our first step towards smart, sustainable transportation — a.k.a. the key to a clean and green future.

NOTE: Currently, the PANION app is exclusive to our partner companies. If you would like to join the movement, please get in touch and enquire about our co-innovation program at

Already part of the team? Congratulations! Download the PANION app now, and your company will send you an email with a login link.

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