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Identity online application help you to share the events digitally to the world. Traditional functions invitations are fun, but going the paperless way is even better.

Using Identity online app users can create profile and can share profile to any one in their contact, can create and share the events. And it will help to store any type of files for future uses. Users can set the reminders of their events and users can group and join together for events. And having real time chat functionality.

With functions planning being all about exquisite outfits, unique shoes, mouth-watering food menus, and scenic venues, that going out and about for an invitation becomes tiresome. Plus, you end up adjusting your budget left and right to mark down everything on your function bucket list that by the time it's time to get your invites made, your budget is shaky and you have to settle for something less than awesome. And let's not forget the environmental impact of physical invites, be it just a card or a whole invitation box.

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