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AjoMoney is a rotating group saving, personal money savings, lending, investment and bill payment (airtime, data, electricity, cable tv, internet services, examinations, renewable energy, betting) app.

AjoMoney is made up of the following features:

1. AJO GROUP: Ajo group is rotating group savings just like the traditional Ajo/Esusu/Adashe (in Nigeria) which can be a weekly or monthly contribution. A member of the group with the lowest Ajo number picks the lump sum of the total contribution for that week or month (That's a loan with zero interests but affordable fee) the last set of people withdrawing from a group get rewarded for saving their money for the period.

2. AJO KOLO: Ajo Kolo is a piggybank and personal money-saving feature, you get to keep your money in a Kolo and get up to a 12% interest per annum on your savings. You can save any amount any time in your Kolo and still get your bonus. You get to decide when you will like to break your kolo or piggybank ( a minimum of 3 months is required). You also have an option to enable or disable periodic auto-charge into your kolo (piggybank) from your bank.


Get a 1% discount for buying your airtime and data on AjoMoney. An example is: If you buy N5000 airtime, we will charge you N4950 only. The same applies to any other amount.


Imagine you picking the first lump sum and putting the money into kolo where it also grows at 12% per annum, guess how much you will have access to by the end of the cycle. Therefore, AjoMoney makes it possible for you to invest with the money that you are yet to have.

AjoMoney saving groups can be in one or two cycles and you get to withdraw per cycle. We ensured that the maximum duration for a weekly Ajo group contribution saving is three (3) months while that of a monthly group contribution saving is 12months.


Good question! In an Ajo Group, peers come together to save equal amounts weekl or monthly. Members of the group take turns to take the lump sum of the contributions weekly or monthly.

In AjoMoney App, an Ajo Group is made up of an admin, members, saving amount, saving dates, and withdrawal date. People getting early cash in the group are termed as the group borrowers and the last people to withdraw in a group are the lenders.


AjoMoney ensures that users complete their KYC before they can withdraw money from their Ajo Wallet. So worry less, you are not saving with ghosts.

Even the member that picks Ajo Number 1 still needs to prove his/her trust before he/she can completely claim the early withdrawal.

AjoMoney is designed to benefit trustworthy people, with the goal to make impact and be financially stable while saving with peers.


AjoMoney makes it possible for you to gain access to the money you can afford in the future without the need to wait for the future or get trapped in a high-interest loan.

You can easily save alone using the Kolo (known as piggy) feature.

Save and Invest for a positive goal and build a great reputation. Make plans for your next budget because you already know when you will get the money.

In summary, here are the things you can do with AjoMoney:

1. Join or create an Ajo contribution group
2. Access quick cash and pay back in an Ajo group
3. Be among last 20% to withdraw their money in a group and get up to 4% bonus every time to save.
4. Withdraw money into your bank account with zero hassles.
5. Save alone using Kolo piggybank and get bonus increment monthly (up to 12% per annum)
6. Buy Airtime with a 1% discount.
7. Pay for your utility bills i.e electricity, cable tv, internet, renewable, sport. betting, insurance and examination.

We are in this together, should you have any issues, kindly send an email to hello@ajo.money, our support team is always ready to help ASAP.

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