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Bitwalking converts your movement into currency units called W$. A step is worth the same value for everyone - no matter who you are, or where you are. You can transfer your W$ instantly to anyone, anywhere, with no fees whatsoever.

We have reached an era of unprecedented inequality. A moment of social and economic threat, in which liberal rights and public welfare are challenged by populism and the rise of super wealth. The rich have never been richer.. Abject poverty is still widespread in developing countries and homelessness in some of the world’s most successful global cities keeps rising.

The global happiness report defines six key variables that have been found to support wellbeing: income, healthy life expectancy, social support, freedom, trust and generosity. Six key variables that guide the Bitwalking platform.

We find no need to posture or traffic in what’s popular in the moment; we find no interest in polls or fads. We are working only for the purpose of making life better not just for people here, but for people around the world, including those who had fled war and fled oppression. We believe in the irreducible value of every human being. Our technology was built on this idea and symbolises for us the undeniable forward march of human progress.

Our community is based on the 9 principles of Bitwalking. We wrote the following principles as guidelines to us and to our community. A reflection of the community’s ethos and culture as we see it. Our principles are available here:

Bitwalking is independent. This means that we can and we will do things that others can’t, like building a currency without a hidden agenda or violate your privacy to make a profit.

Bitwalking is designed to never collect or store any sensitive information. Bitwalking activities cannot be accessed by us or other third parties because they are always private, and secure. Our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy are available here:

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