BSC Retail

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BSC Retail

Retail Product Solution is built on the Digital Bank OS platform and it serves both sales and implementation purposes. The sales purpose is for BSC clients to review the application, its current scope and understand the underlaying UX/UI principles. The implementation purpose is that application at the same time creates a basis for any upcoming mobile project and represents BSC development best-practise. Packed with all the must-have features that we encounter in most projects, it saves significant develepment effort especially at the beginning of the new client implementation. Bank can quickly launch the first version and focus on custom-developed features that will differentiate it from competition.

Application is designed as mobile-only with retail banking focus. In order to allow easy customization, there is only one main product dashboard and one user settings related menu. The dashboard has widget structure, where each widget represents a bank product such as current/saving account, loan, connected other banks accounts, investments, cards or any other custom bank products. Widgets types and their total amount are highly scalable matching various client bank scenarios, yet they do not compromise on the easy end-user navigation or consistent UI experience.

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