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Sviluppatore: Abdessamad Maazouz
Categoria: Finanza
Prezzo: Gratis

Time for Budget is a powerful Free Money Manager & Budget app. Most of our features are included for free so you can properly manage your personal finances.

It is required to create an account (hosted on secured servers) either with your email or with your Apple or Google account.

The main features include:
- Unlimited Accounts, with different types (Checking, Savings, Credits etc.).
- Unlimited Transactions (Expenses, Incomes, Transfers).
- Calendar View & List view.
- Recurring Transactions.
- Over 40 default categories to choose from.
- Net Worth & Cash Flow indicators.
- Simple Budget Management (Split budgeting strategies like 60/20/20 or 50/30/20).
- Expense, Incomes & Net worth Reports.

All those features are offered for free!

If you want to support us, you’ll also get all the following nice-to-have features included in the Supporter Edition:
- Custom Categories
- Ads removal
- Data Export to Excel (In progress)
- Finance situation simulation (In progress)
- And many more!

Furthermore, we are planning to allow bank linking and have multi-user management per accounts! Stay tuned.

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