Credit Cliq

App Name (Nome App): Credit Cliq
Operating System (Sistema Operativo): iOS
Developer (Sviluppatore): Credit Cliq Technologies LTD
App Category (Categoria): Finanza
Price (Prezzo): Free - Gratis 0

Are you creditworthy?
If you have accessed a loan or credit card in the past and paid your bills on time, it is likely you have a good credit score.

What’s a credit score?
A credit score is a number ranging from 300 to 850 that is based on credit information provided by lenders to credit bureaus. It takes into account factors like credit history, repayment records, and credit mix. A high credit score boosts your chances of getting better terms on loans and credit cards, such as higher limits and cheaper interest rates.

Who are members of our clique?
Members of our cliques are people who pay their bills on time, have a good payment history, and are trustworthy.

As a member of our clique, you get exclusive benefits.
- Access your credit report for free from the leading credit bureaus.
- Say bye-bye to fraud and stolen identities. Monitor and report frequent changes in your credit history.

I'm new to this credit thing!
That’s okay; we provide financial education to help improve your financial health.

Our platform is secure, ensuring that your personal and financial information is safe at all times.

None of your information is shared with any third party or institution. Your data is safe with us.

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