RateApp: Forecasting

Sviluppatore: Matrix Software Limited
Categoria: Finanza
Prezzo: Gratis

Use machine learning for your predictions.
Take advantage of machines that process large financial datasets, analyze the change in the data and tell you the possible results.

Machine learning is now a part of finance, but it is not easy to get used to it. To get results from machine learning, you have to solve lots of math problems, run lots of algorithms and work with powerful computers. RateApp does all of this work for you.

RateApp provides an autoregressive integrated moving average model for your time series analysis. For example, it examines the USD-EUR rate of the last 400 days and define a model, makes predictions by making inferences from this model.
RateApp can predict up to the next 14 days. These 14 days are segmented into 3-day, 1-week and 2-week forecasts.

To clear up any misunderstandings, the app does not provide investment advice.
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