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ahub Photo

ahub Photo is the best media management alternative to your phone’s native Photos app. You can manage your photos and videos, edit their metadata (such as location, tags, caption) or create diary like notes which you can organise and search to find with ease.

ahub Photo is also a utility app which makes you manage your ahub device’s media as if they are located on your phone.

FREE UP SPACE: Worried about running out of space on your phone? ahub Photos makes all your media synced with your ahub device’s storage, so your photos and medias are safely backed up and can be removed from your device's storage when not needed resulting in more space on your phone

NOTES: Creates notes for your photos with a tap and create a textual diary or a story from your photos.

EASY SHARING: With ahub Notes functionality, sharing
your diary or notes with your photos implemented is much more easier.

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Description (Chinese):

ahub Photo 是手机原生照片应用程序的最佳媒体管理替代方案。您可以管理您的照片和视频,编辑它们的元数据(例如位置、标签、标题)或创建日记之类的笔记,您可以轻松组织和搜索以找到这些笔记。

ahub Photo 也是一个实用应用程序,可让您管理 ahub 设备的媒体,就好像它们位于您的手机上一样。

释放空间:担心手机空间不足? ahub Photos 使您的所有媒体与您的 ahub 设备的存储同步,因此您的照片和媒体得到安全备份,并且可以在不需要时从设备的存储中删除,从而为您的手机提供更多空间


轻松分享:使用 ahub 笔记功能,分享


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