AI Avatar Maker App

App Name (Nome App): AI Avatar Maker App
Operating System (Sistema Operativo): iOS
Developer (Sviluppatore): 润平 叶
App Category (Categoria): Foto e video
Price (Prezzo): Free - Gratis 0

This is an art avatar maker app based on the most advanced AI model with many styles.
What to do when you want to make your own avatar like the artistic avatar designer?
With your avatar picture, you can generate many different styles of magical art avatars by this avatar builder app, just like changing a more interesting face, you can choose different styles of avatars for different scenarios.
Such as in the work scene, you can create avatar with realistic style, so that colleagues see the real and relatively serious you, while in the secondary social circle, you can use the Japanese manga style avatar.

How to make avatar by youself ?
1、Upload a photo of yourself, or take a photo of yourself on the spot, be clear.
2、After uploading, select the avatar part;
3、Click to generate avatars free ;
4、Select your favorite style to download and share, apply to different scenes;
5、Finally, you can share this art avatar app with your friends, and tell them how be a cute avatar maker;

What styles are available for this ai art avatar generator app?
1、Pop art style: sexy, exaggerated, anti-abstract art
2、Cyberpunk style: techy, full of science fiction
3、Oil painting style: textured, airy, spacey
4、Realistic style: delicate and prominent, strong sense of three-dimensional features
5、American comic style: the colors are usually brighter, and the expressions are more exaggerated
6、Pixar style: more personalized image, exaggerated, big eyes, round face
7、Watercolor style: fresh, wonderful
8、Hand-made style: more exaggerated features
9、Japanese cartoon style: head and eyes will look larger, nose and mouth than relatively small, and a variety of colors of hair
10、Mechanical style: domineering cold and handsome

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