AICAM – Virtual Photographer

Categoria: Foto e video
Prezzo: Gratis

AICAM - meet your personal virtual photographer powered by AI. Using the power of neural networks we've taught the algorithms to click the shutter just at the right moment. Our app helps you make better photos of yourself. Simply choose the right phone placement, launch AICAM and start posing. Our app will be making a shot at the best moment.

Once your photo session is over, mark the photos you like in the gallery and our AI will adjust its logic to better reflect your preferences. As soon as our camera has enough data, a new personalized mode will be available in the settings bar.

By default, there are two modes available. AI-FACE makes the shot when your face is in the frame, well lit, and eyes are open. AI camera follows the body movement and clicks the shutter at the right moment.

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