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A new amazing app has arrived on App Store to help you organize your photos and videos in albums!!!

Have you ever tried to find a photo of an event that happened last year and had to scroll through thousands of photos?

Wouldn’t it be better to have your library organized in albums?

With the help of albumizer, Creating your unique photo albums has now been made an easy and enjoyable process, through which, you can separate and organize your moments in as many personalized albums as you like!

Through a simple and super fast user interface, you are able to perform the following actions:

• Group photos/videos into albums with a single tap
• Mark photos/videos as favorites
• Rearrange photos in albums
• Delete photos
• Delete or rename any album
• Share any photo or video
• Undo any action you’ve made by mistake
• Share an entire album (coming soon)

And most importantly, Albumizer performs these changes directly to your iOS Photos Library of your iOS device and iCloud, so as long as you are synced with iCloud, you’ll enjoy them forever!!!

Download the app and start albumizing!

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