Auto Cinematic

App Name (Nome App): Auto Cinematic
Operating System (Sistema Operativo): iOS
Developer (Sviluppatore): Dongwook Cho
App Category (Categoria): Foto e video
Price (Prezzo): 2,99 €

Elevate your visual storytelling with Auto Cinematic, the app that effortlessly adds cinematic magic to your photos and videos. Harness the power of iOS's groundbreaking "Object Lifting" technology, which automatically detects main objects in your media, to create stunning after-focus and background blur effects. Whether you're working with still photos, videos, or live photos, Auto Cinematic takes your content to the next level, effortlessly and automatically.

**Key Features**:

● Automatic Object Detection: Auto Cinematic leverages iOS's "Object Lifting" technology to detect the main objects in your photos and videos. No manual selection required; it's all automatic.

● Cinematic After Focus: Watch your subjects come to life as the background gracefully blurs, emulating the cinematic look and feel seen in professional films.

● Effortless Enhancement: Achieve cinematic excellence with a single tap. Auto Cinematic does the heavy lifting for you, transforming ordinary content into cinematic masterpieces.

● Also Supports Videos and Live Photos: Extend the magic to your video clips and live photos. Experience the cinematic effect in motion, making your storytelling more captivating.

● Adjustable Intensity: Fine-tune the intensity of the after-focus and background blur effect to suit your style and creative vision.

● Powerful Editing: Crop, rotate, trim and apply filters to your photos, video and live photos.

Turn your everyday photos and videos into cinematic wonders with Auto Cinematic. Transform your content effortlessly, letting your creativity shine without the complexity of manual editing.

Unlock the art of cinematic storytelling. [Download Now](#) and witness your visuals come to life like never before!

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