BBB Group

App Name (Nome App): BBB Group
Operating System (Sistema Operativo): iOS
Developer (Sviluppatore): Eilon Mario Netzer
App Category (Categoria): Foto e video
Price (Prezzo): Free - Gratis 0

The photo-sharing app from Fotogram is intended for perfect and professional photographers to rapidly deliver all collected high-quality images to their clients in one step with the lowest expenses.

BBB Group brand is a private application for the photographer BBB Group and its productions specializing in events and party photography.

The app contains photos from different events belonging to BBB Group customers and it was designed as a solution to deliver the work (photos) between BBB Group (company) and its customers in an efficient manner. Instead, to deliver all the work on a USB drive, which costs him a lot and is even not environment friendly. So, this App allows the business manager to create usernames and passwords for his customers for free to deliver the work fast and easily in a nature-friendly way. Only customers with a username and password assigned to an event created by the company can access the content of their specific event (engagement, wedding, graduation, circumcise! etc)

Furthermore, this app allows customers to shop the suitable products including designs for the delivered photos.

This app allows guests to view live event photos in real-time only during the event in a discussion through a generated QR code and the guest can download the photos and share them in real-time with beloved persons. The event manager can turn the live event option off after the event, so only persons with a username and password from BBB Group can still watch the content and download or share it with beloved persons. Others wouldn’t be able to watch offline events.

The app is designed just for one branded business (company) “BBB Group” and it includes payment in the "shop" for the printed physical products "photos". The app has a secured payment interface using one of the regional credit card provider in Israel "" which in its role also manage the accountancy for the company BBB Group and for its customers.

The target audience (customers of BBB Group) access their own events with freely assigned credentials and enjoy downloading and sharing their own high-quality taken pictures from the application BBB Group fast and efficiently.

It is possible for the general public, every company, or any individual to create a user account but without the ability to view private images.

After creating an account, it will be possible to view only the shop content without the ability to perform any order before the app owner verifies the new account registration. So, not any company or individual can become a client at "BBB Group". The general public can just view the content of the shop only if they create an account through the option: "create an account" and login with these credentials.

The created users in the "BBB Group" app are able to delete their created account under "settings - Account - Delete Your Account". The account will be permanently deleted after seven days if the user does not login back into his account. The account and all associated information will be permanently deleted.

Users do not pay for creating an account or for using features in the app. Users can only pay for printing services of their own private events.

Benefits of the app:
Rapid photo sharing with higher productivity and work performance includes a business brand.

Benefits of the features: account creation for each customer, event creation for each customer, fast data transfer for uploading and downloading, live photos sharing during real-time events, and CRM Management and shopping the suitable products for printing.

This app will be primarily distributed in Israel.

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