BinoCam Pro

Sviluppatore: Round Concept, Inc.
Categoria: Foto e video
Prezzo: Gratis

BinoCam Pro is a mobile application developed for birdwatchers, professional sports shooters, hunters, forestry and conservation organizations, security professionals, life-rescue teams, and outdoor enthusiasts.

BinoCam Pro provides connection of your mobile devices with observation devices of Spark Concepts via an integrated Wi-Fi interface. The application provides full control of the observation device and its features.


• Continuous shot. Take a series of photos of moving subjects.
• Control recording. Record video and take a shot at the same time.
• Live streaming. Create live events on the most famous streaming platforms.
• Tune image quality. Adjust brightness, saturation, contrast, exposure, ISO and white balance.
• FOV alignment. Check FOVs for BCP and the binocular alignments in dual screen mode.
• Manage your files. Preview, download and remove photo and video.
• Firmware update. Check and update firmware of your BinoCam Pro device.

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