BNSC – High Resolution, Silent

Sviluppatore: CHUL KEE MIN
Categoria: Foto e video
Prezzo: Gratis

It is a camera faithful to the basics. All functions are provided free of charge.
You can shoot with the same resolution as the iPhone's main camera. You can turn on/off vibration in settings. It can be used without sound in quiet environments such as libraries, classrooms, and offices. Shoot without waking a sleeping child.

[Main Features]
- You can save photos in high definition.
- You can shoot with the volume button.
- Camera switching is possible. (front/rear)
- Vibration On/Off is possible.
- You can adjust focus, exposure and white balance by touching the screen.
- You can use the flash function in a dark environment.
- You can delete photos taken from the album.

[Access right]
- Camera: Required for taking pictures.
- Photo: It is necessary to save and delete the taken photo.

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