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Sviluppatore: Artem Iakovliev
Categoria: Foto e video
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CaptionMe - is the most simple and quickest to use captions adding tool. Only a few taps, and you already have your video with custom captions added to it.

CaptionMe - allow you to customize your captions in the way you like them most. Choose fonts, colors, corner radius, background, paddings, and more. Combine captions by words count.

Why are Video captions so important?
Video captions display the text that's spoken in the video. Open and closed captioning, or captions, are designed for audiences who cannot hear the audio, whether through hearing loss or simply that the viewer can't play the sound. Because of this, the captions supplement the speech with additional information that's relevant or important to the story. It can include non-vocal audio and help to distinguish different speakers, for example. Closed captions can be switched on or off, while open captions can't. Social media video captions tend to be available captions to make the content as accessible as possible.

With fast, accurate transcripts, CaptionMe saves time having to transcribe and upload captions manually. CaptionMe's ready-made captions can be edited, adjusted, or combined, speeding up postproduction and cutting costs.

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