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If you like watching movies and you need information about it
With Cimenila Box, where you can find detailed information about all old and new movies, you can reach the best movies of 2022
Movie comments are one of the topics that people are most curious about. With the Movie Plus application, you will be able to reach the comments in the best way

Our Features
* Simple and modern design - HD Movies trailer quality
* Get now playing, popular, and upcoming movies list
* Discover movies by search box
* Search movies by name, genre or release year
* Show details movies, series, seasons & episode TV shows
* View movies information, trailers
* Watching the movie's introduction and review
* Recommended movies and TV shows
* Adding movies to your favorites
* Share movies and TV show to your friends

Download CimenilaBox now and enjoy your free movie & TV Show trailer

Please Note:
* This app is not for streaming/watching movies. This app just helps you to find movies & TV show easily.
* All movies information and images are from licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0:
* We use the TMDB API, but it is not endorsed or certified by TMDB:

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