Bat Smasher – Kill Them All

Sviluppatore: Athmin Game Studio
Categoria: Giochi
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Bat Smasher - Kill Them All is an extremely fascinating game. It assists the
players with improving their intellectual abilities. Speedy eyes - quick hands.
Rapidly execute numerous bats, the speed development of the bat will be
quick and you need to be quicker. On the off chance that the bats move excessively
quick and you need support, Freeze and Blast Bombs are accessible to help you.
Try not to allow a bat to get away - freeze them, blast them and kill them before they reach their lair.

Bat Smasher - Kill Them All assists you with unwinding and stay dynamic
and sharp. And furthermore assists you with releasing your temper and stress.

> There are numerous Bats to kill
> You have up to 3 times till Bats pass the screen
> Blast Bomb: Bombs will kill all the bats.
> Freeze Bomb: All bats will be frozen completely still for 5 seconds.
> 2 game modes:
> Normal mode: Has 20 levels. Once a level is finished, the next level gets unlocked.
> Arcade mode: Play continuously and lose when you to allow 3 Bats to escape.

You can begin playing Bat Smasher whenever you want yet once you do,
be careful, you won't ever leave. As you begin to get increasingly
more gifted at smashing bats, we will throw at you an increasing
number of difficulties to finish.

- Bat Smasher - Kill Them All is intended for both iPhone and iPad.

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