Sviluppatore: Muhammad Umar
Categoria: Giochi
Prezzo: Gratis

Battle Craft is an AAA-quality P2E and P&E game to let the guardians defend the spaceverse. Players buy and own their spacecrafts to compete in battles to earn different rewards and XCHRG. Backed by professional and AAA gaming studios 'Funsol Technologies' and 'Diving Studios' Battle Craft offers variety of battles and game modes to provide competition and earning opportunities to players.
1- Free To Play
- Survival Mode
- Challenge Mode
- Journey Mode
2- PVP Death Match
- 1 vs 1
- 2 vs 2
- 4 vs 4
3- Battle Royale
In Battle Craft, players buy and own their preferred spacecrafts to compete against other guardians to win and create their legacy in Spaceverse. Here are the 3 categories of Spacecrafts.
- Apollo
- Jager
- Prime
Having latest spacecrafts equipped with advanced weapons leads to more victories in the space battles.

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