Binary Chain 2048

Sviluppatore: Neil King
Categoria: Giochi
Prezzo: Gratis

Drop the balls so matching numbers combine. Reach 2048 to make them pop and receive a bonus. Chain matches together for higher scores!

- Normal game mode - balls drop on a timer. Beat your high score.
- Casual (easy) game mode - no timer, no high score. Just play for fun.
- If your last ball reaches the limit line, it's game over :(
- Save your game and continue at any time.
- Suitable for all ages and abilities.
- Remembers your high score to compete with friends.
- Real ball physics.
- Available in English, Español, Français & Deutsch.
- A super fun, hyper-casual, puzzle-arcade game.

TIP: The higher the number, the heavier the ball. Heavy balls push lighter balls out of the way, but lighter balls bounce more.

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