Birth Game : Tap To Explore

Sviluppatore: Vladimir Prokofiev
Categoria: Giochi
Prezzo: Gratis

Explore planet systems and galaxies with Birth – the ultimate galaxy run reflex tap game that is originally based on the theory for the origin of life on the planets.

Play with different elements and comets, avoid obstacles such as galaxy objects, stars, asteroids, and explore planet systems. Rise, go up and to the end to complete levels with all stars and enjoy the riveting journey of Birth.

A blend of go up circle games & tap switch reflex games, the challenge in Birth is simple. Tap anywhere on the screen so your element go to the next galaxy circle. Each circle gives you a different booster or item. Reach the end to go to the next level.

Collect and use boosters such as the shield or indestructible comets that can’t be crushed even in collisions. Use them when space is just too tight and you don’t want to risk losing the game.

* exciting ball switch & launch gameplay
* go up while avoiding obstacles
* complete all systems
* collect and use boosters
* shop new comets and boosters
* inspiring soundtrack and galaxy run ambiance
* simple tapping controls
* no internet, no wi-fi, small storage game

So, if you are looking for an original and addictive galaxy rush reflex game, Birth is a must-try.

Explore galaxy and planets while having fun by getting the reaction tap space quest which is based on the theory of birth on planets.

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