Bit Draw

Sviluppatore: Allef Henrique
Categoria: Giochi
Prezzo: Gratis

Your system is under attack by several hackers and only you are able to save it! Be quick and draw the symbols to destroy the bots that are attacking you.

In each bot that is attacking you, there is a symbol that is their weak point. You need to draw this symbol as soon as possible, before the bots go down far enough to touch your system and be able to hack you.

You need to have good reflexes and agile fingers to be able to defeat all the bots that attack you. And remember, your system has four (4) skills that will help you in times of suffocation, they are difficulty:
→ Sonic Boom: With the help of two super sonic cannons, you will be able to destroy some enemies automatically;
→ Discharge: If several bots gather on your screen and you feel that there is no more salvation, use Discharge to blow up all the enemies in sight;
→ Alpha Shield: Have the Cyber ​​Shield active to defend yourself from the next attack on your system;
→ Timer: When the bots advance and you need more time to destroy them, use Delayer to make them go back a bit and you get the chance you needed!

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