Block Puzzle Party

App Name (Nome App): Block Puzzle Party
Operating System (Sistema Operativo): iOS
Developer (Sviluppatore): UNICO STUDIO
App Category (Categoria): Giochi
Price (Prezzo): Free - Gratis 0

Block Puzzle Party is a great puzzle blast game that beautifully combines a brain training exercise with engaging blast gameplay. It uses the age-old block puzzle formula with all-new creative design mechanics! It’s an easy to grasp block puzzle blast adventure game, but it’s hard to master!

Place the blocks on the board to clear rows and columns. Match the patterns strategically to fill each lane and destroy all of the blocks on it. Gain bonus block points by making COMBO moves. COMBO is achieved by making consecutive block clears on the board. Destroying multiple rows or columns of blocks also provides great bonus points which helps you achieve the highest score ever! Play before you run out of space to beat your high score. Rows and columns can be filled with the state-of-art drag and drop block mechanics.

Tile match and wood block puzzle games are always about boosters and power-ups. But in a truly strategic block game, players must go without any superficial support and help.
This method provides a classic drag and drop gameplay only suitable to the block puzzle game masters.

How to play the block puzzle blast game:
-Drag and drop colorful cube blocks into the 8 rows and 8 columns gameplay board.
-Fill rows and columns with blocks and blast them.
-You lose if there are no remaining empty spaces to place blocks on the puzzle board, the game is over.
-Each turn spawns three differently shaped blocks and you cannot rotate them.

How to be a master in this block puzzle blast game:
-Achieving the high score requires great mastery,strategic thinking and skills. Your IQ will be tested and challenged.
-Place the blocks into strategic positions wisely and think about your next two moves.
-Try to do consecutive eliminations to activate the COMBO system.
-Plan ahead and put away some blocks to better use.
-Puzzles and adventures are designed for communities, so use all necessary blocks, cubes and lines to have fun.
-Think like a building block player.
-Use drag and drop mechanics mindfully to fill all rows and columns with blocks.

Brain games and IQ games are perfect for brain development. To achieve the highest score, you must use all of your logical skills and strategic thinking abilities. Like a shiny Woody Puzzle Game and Wood Tile Puzzle, there are gorgeous visuals that provide the ultimate puzzle bliss. Time to go on a block puzzle blast game adventure. Elimination of cube blocks in another blast game can never feel this much satisfying. Master all colors of blocks and blast them to the moon.

While challenging players with a tough block puzzle game, we didn’t want to impose any limitations. For that reason, we allow players to think freely as long as they want. There is no time limit in this game. Think strategically, do your best and break new records! Instead of waiting for the perfectly shaped blocks, take the opportunity to free up more space and score points. Time to test your wits in the ultimate battle of blocks.

Block Puzzle Party features:
-Combines the fun with education and brain training.
-Great exercise for the brain. Works great for Alzheimer prevention.
-Simple and easy to play, suitable for all ages, excellent choice to kill time.
-Wonderful sound effects.
-Gorgeous and colorful block graphics
-Fun for all ages: The best game for family & friends gatherings!
-Download this funny game for free.
-Free to play and can be played without the internet.
-Relaxing and satisfying gameplay.

Play Block Puzzle Party anytime, anywhere! Your brain deserves it!

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