Block Race Bridge Builder

Sviluppatore: Techrie
Categoria: Giochi
Prezzo: Gratis

Let's start the journey of Block Race Bridge Builder to Collect the bricks, wooden planks, or decks and stack them into piles. Then take a shortcut from the main race by building the bridge over the sea. By this way, you can run faster than other competitors and win the game.

Build the bridge and race till you pass first place in the bridge race game.
Don't let your opponent build on your staircase. Just win the Bridge Race by crossing land.Keep Smart and discover shortcuts to hold more tiles and build less bridge race.

This game is a bridge building race. Make your way, collecting bricks, be faster to come first to the finish line in this race. Bridge blocks will spawn on the ground. Collect more blocks, if you have more bricks you can smash enemies and steal their bricks and build a bridge. Move faster in the race to the finish by building bridges. Imposter man can use skills to be the fastest and win this race

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