BLOOP The Game

Sviluppatore: Nicholas Ng-A-Fook
Categoria: Giochi
Prezzo: Gratis

BLOOP... the latest craze sweeping the nation.

Have you ever wondered how other people are just so much cooler than you?
Have you ever wanted to be noticed and appreciated for your actions?
Do you like dogs?
The answer to at least 3 of these questions is... BLOOP.

At it's heart BLOOP may be a video game about tapping a screen... watching one ball targeted to another ball of the same size, fly through a bigger ball of a specific color that matches the targeted ball, and then watching a number go up to indicate success... but in reality... BLOOP is a choice... BLOOP is a lifestyle... some might even consider BLOOP a religion.

Here are just SOME of the fantastic things people are saying about BLOOP.

"I tried my best..." - BLOOP Developer
"It's okay..." - BLOOP Developer's Wife
"Bubble!" - BLOOP Developer's Baby
"Cool..." - BLOOP Developer's Friend

BLOOP won't bring your parents back together. BLOOP won't mow your lawn. BLOOP won't bring the sun out from behind those clouds you call existence... but you know what BLOOP will do? BLOOP will take you out to a fancy restaurant, show you a GREAT time, walk you back to your apartment, kiss you on the cheek and leave...

And you can bet that BLOOP will call you the next day.

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