Blue Rainbow VS Nico’s Worlds

Sviluppatore: ifud pambudi
Categoria: Giochi
Prezzo: Gratis

Blue and Orange known as Rainbow Gangs being asked to help a mysterious blue monster to collect all items that being fell over and lost such as blocks or lights.

In thisBlue Rainbow VS Nico's Worlds game Obunga and others nextbots fight Rainbow Gangs in the temple. Fight and jump to escape from them and collect all coins for win!

it's all for rainbow gang friends blue monster boy. But when you trying to find the blocks you must beware of the jumpscare of rainbow friends blue monster and other color like green boy, red or pink monster boy. Complete every stages and chapters to know more every secrets and lore behind it.

Obunga is very angry and tries to catch up with you, What will you do in escape this game?

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