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Do you like word games? What about competing with your friends?

Take your place in the word race!

BOA Online is a word game where you can compete with your friends.

Whether you are a fan of classic wordle or are fan of racing with your firends, BOA Online will get you high.
With several unique game modes, BOA Online will challenge your mind and spelling skills. Try the Single mode where you will have 6 guesses. When you get a letter right, the tile will turn yellow if it's in the word, and green if it's in the right place. Can you solve it with one guess?

Are you ready for the real surprise?

Your enjoyment of playing word games has been turned into a fun filled challenge with your friends.

You can compete by sending codes to your friends in the multiplayer mode and you can reach the peaks of fun as a group.

BOA Online is the best of multiplayer word game making for a truly challenging and addictive experience!

Extend your vocabulary as you go on a word hunt through hundreds of levels each with a different focus.

Learn a new language or brush up on your linguistics by choosing from a selection of different dictionaries!

If you enjoy a word search that boggles your brain then play BOA Online today!

Download BOA Online now, which many more fun modes will be added soon!

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